God's Angels

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Elite squad of Ras Tiegan enforcers, all male, who are generally tasked with rounding up rogue shapeshifters and those who break the most egregious of religious laws. They may also act as interrogators and expert witnesses in cases which involve shapeshifters. Typical angels dress in red robes and black cowls while on official business.

The requirements for becoming one of the angels include some magical skill, about on the level of a com technician, which gives the agent the ability to detect a shapeshifter on sight. Though some of their tactics do include brute force, they are known primarily for their psychological terror tactics. Celibacy is required, and those who do not abide by this prescription may be expunged from the order's ranks or even killed. Rumor has it that this is because in addition to magical skill, angels must also be shapeshifters, which gives them heightened sensory perception that aids in their work. Procreation of such people, then, would be strictly prohibited.