Amber Stalk crossroads

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Crossroads near the rolling coastal mountains of Nasheen that separates the desert interior with the milder, wetter coast. Juncture of four major roads - North to Khairi, South to Druce andRas Tieg and Heidia, West to the desert, and East to the coast.

Several small motels and eateries are located near the crossroads, but it is otherwise rather remote, surrounded in farmland.

From God's War:

Nyx found a motel that night at the Amber Stalk crossroads, named after some dead magician who’d saved the valley from mutant cicadas. There was a living plaque up under the road marker. Nyx figured she’d saved a lot more lives than he had, but nobody had ever named anything after her. She wondered how spectacular your death had to be to come out the other side with a plaque.