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Capital city of Tirhan. Situated along the rim of the inland Shahrdad sea.


He could look just over the Minister’s shoulder and see the whole of Tirhani’s capital, Shirhazi, spread out across the flat plain below, crowded along the rim of the salty inland sea called Shahrdad. Tirhanis liked their buildings tall, and from this height, fourteen floors above the city, Rhys could share their enthusiasm. Being above this big city made him feel less small. ...

Rhys had wanted to live somewhere in the hills, but Shirhazi, at best, rolled. It did not have proper hills, not until it came to the base of the mountains, to the north. And by then the city had turned to scrubland and clover fields. ...

Shirhazi rose from the spiraling plain of blue-tiled houses and outbuildings and warehouses and road houses. A dozen—maybe more—twisted buildings of glass and metal and bug secretions clawed up toward the sky at the edge of a flat, glassy inland sea. The reach of it touched the horizon. Nyx couldn’t see the other side. A lake? A sea. Vast, milky blue now in the pale violet sky of late afternoon. She had almost gotten used to the stink of it by then, but the wind hit her hard and hot. She got a choking slap of it. Death—rot from within. A beautiful city, growing fat on death.