Rasim Muhktar

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aka Binyamin so Mahasin A ex bel dame posing as a Southern women who hires Nyx to find saboteurs at a weapons plant. Binyamin is the name of her adopted sister, the family originally came from Hafthah.

"The silhouette resolved itself into a thin-lipped woman in her early thirties. Her broad face was too smooth to be lower class, too marked to be First Family."


"She had gloriously shiny dark hair rolled up against her scalp – also a rural southern style. Nyx was leaning more and more toward thinking she was a land owner. There was a little scar on her upper lip; she’d clearly been born with a cleft palate, and been rich enough to get it fixed but not rich enough to remove the scar. She had a nose bold enough to be Chenjan, though her complexion was Nasheenian, and the thin lips and long face put Nyx in mind of some southern people like the Ras Tiegans or Drucians."