Rasheeda so Kraj

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A bel dame in her prime, known for her particularly fervent appetite for blood. It's said that Rasheeda went mad at the front, and began ripping out entrails and eating Chenjan hearts.

She was recruited by the bel dames immediately after being discharged. Her mother was a career breeder at the coast, so Rasheeda may be one of fifty or sixty such children birthed by her mother over a lifetime. She can sing opera - soprano - and is also a shapeshifter with the ability to shift into a white raven.

She is often described as a tall, attractive woman with a "radio star" face and clear skin, but her eyes are dull and flat, lacking warmth.


Rasheeda was older—not as beautiful as Nyx remembered, though that wasn’t because of her age. Warm, crinkle-eyed, matronly women were some of the most sought-after bed partners in Nasheen. But Rasheeda lacked the warmth. ...

Rasheeda walked in, wearing loose trousers and a short coat. Her black hair was pulled back from her cool, flawless face, and she was grinning. Her eyes were flat and black and, paired with the grin, she looked like some kind of demon, something come up straight from hell to inhabit a soulless body.


A long-legged woman stepped over Souri’s sobbing form and crouched next to Rhys. She cocked her head at him, leaned in close. A lovely, clear-skinned face, but something in her was lacking, some light behind her eyes.