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The dark star, a heavenly body which appears in the above Raisa every 2,000 years (or so). The light it shines is violet. Those with the ability to channel Oma can wield the abilities of all satellites, and also gain additional powers:

Gateways (between times/realities/universes)

Organic recombination

Raising the dead (using living things to reinvigorate dead things)

Enhances ascendant powers of others

Additional name for omajistas: omajika, makers, breakers, worldbreakers, disrupters.

Oma generally spends 4-5 years pre-ascendant, when its powers are felt, but not at full force, then 20 years of full ascendance, and another 4-5 years of decline. It is sometimes called Lord of Heaven, Lord of the Dawn, Lord of Awakening, or Lord of Change.