New Kinaan

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New Kinaan is the name of a world - or possibly a country - within about 6 years of travel time of Umayma, as determined by the current technological speed of their vessels. It is believed to be the closest inhabited planet to Umayma, and has some of the few interstellar ships that are still capable of docking on the planet.

Information on New Kinaan is spotty at best. Its people seem to be born into a caste system where their occupations are determined at birth. They are currently waging a long war, and have some knowledge of genetics and biological warfare that has spurred their interest in Umayma. They have been designated as People of the Book by the Nasheenian government, allowing them safe passage onto Umayma.

Their core religious beliefs are thought to be similar to that of the Ras Tiegans, with belief in the one God that carries over into a belief in the divinity of His martyred Son and some concern over being birthed into a sinful world. Believers wear the same X-shaped pendents as Ras Teigans. Beyond this scattering of similarities, however, there appears to be very little cultural similarity between the New Kinaanites and the Ras Teigans.

Unlike the Umaymans, they are a space-faring society, and have some knowledge of the greater community of habited planets.