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Major city located in central Nasheen. Considered the country's capital, and one of the first places colonists landed/fell from the moons.

It is situated on and around seven hills.The city's fifth hill contains the residences of the bel dames, and is referred to commonly as Bloodmount. The seventh hill is the Queen's palace. The remaining five hills are generally inhabited by richer Nasheenian residents, predominently members of the First Families.

From GOD'S WAR: Mushtallah had been built on seven hills, but that was for beauty and breezes, not for defense. When Mushtallah was founded, there hadn’t been much to defend the city from but wild sand cats and some of the more virulent strains of bugs that had gotten away from their magicians or bled down from the twisted mess of the Khairian wasteland in the north. That had all changed, of course, when the war started. The first wall that rose around the city was an organic filter that kept foreign bug tech out. Every ten yards, a hundred foot faux stone pillar jutted up from the packed, sandy soil. The bug filters that stretched from pillar to pillar made the air shimmer like a soap bubble.

From INFIDEL: The smog in Mushtallah tasted of tar and ashes; it tasted like the war. Mushtallah was nearly a thousand miles from the front, but the organic filter surrounding the city couldn’t keep out the yeasty stink of spent bursts and burning flesh blowing in from the desert. ... All the hills of Mushtallah were artificial. Their rotting cores were made up of old refugee ships, derelicts from the mass exodus from the moons back at the beginning of the world.