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Designation for the person who leads the call to prayer.

In Nasheen's largest cities, these are not always people, but radio recordings which are pumped out through the minarets of local mosques. In rural areas without mosques, calls to prayer in Nasheen are generally only sounded if a person within that area has designated themselves as the town muezzin. There is no official policy on who has been designated to lead prayer outside of a mosque, and in some areas there may be two or three competing muezzins representing different sects of the Nasheenian faith.

In Chenja, the call to prayer is more strictly controlled by the state, which is largely run by the country's mullahs. The mullahs designate official muezzins in each city or town, and it is illegal to lead prayer in a place which already has a designated muezzin. Unlike Nasheen, the muezzin is never recorded, though it is amplified from within the minarets of a mosque. Each city or town in excess of 100 people is legally required by the state to establish a mosque.