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Conservative fundamentalist Nasheenian sect with a literalist interpretation of the Kitab. Often denigrated by mainstream Nasheenians for following religious teachings that call for strict modesty and vilify non-procreative sex (in Nasheen, there is no other kind, as all women are impregnated artificially at the breeding compounds). This means that many members of the Kitabullah are, in fact, celibate. Instead, members are encouraged to pursue great works and discoveries that benefit the community and serve the will God. Slang terms for Kitabullah members include "organic monks" (using the Ras Tiegan term for a celibate priest) and "jitterbugs" (due to the belief that lack of sex makes them "jittery").

From God's War:

All that time at the coast—at the compounds, nose in a book, moving magician-trained bugs across a dish, locked safe behind secure doors at the edge of a soupy sea, her only company the words of the Kitab and the violently conservative women she shared her days with—it was no wonder Kine had come back wearing a hijab to mark her as one of the fundamentalist followers of the Kitab, the Kitabullah.