Eshe al Khazhireh

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Young shapeshifter raised for some years by Nyxnissa so Dasheem. Ras Tiegan half-breed and shapeshifter with the ability to turn into a black raven.

He was birthed at the compounds where he lived until he was five or six. He does not remember his mother, nor how or why he escaped the compounds. His mother was likely Ras Tiegan living at the coast who had not been hexed, and his father a Nasheenian war veteran whose hex was recently removed for a donation.

He learned to fight on the streets of several cities during his slow trek west from the coast. Like many half-breed children on their own, he was attacked, raped, and made his way as a kept thing used by both men and women, one of whom he killed and stole all his money. Began cross-dressing as a girl in the slums of Mushtallah to avoid becoming a house boy or going back to the compounds.

Loose, street smart, and handy with a knife. When he picked Nyx's pocket at age 8, she was the first person who offered him a real job - as a scout for her team.


Eshe was staring down at her, a skinny little Ras Tiegan half-breed with a soft face and pouting mouth, too plain and unremarkable in looks for much of anything but disappearing into crowds. ...

He had big brown eyes, and when he looked at her, sometimes, she wondered what his mother had looked like.