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Bahay Rajasha was a man born in Chenja roughly two hundred years after the beginning of the war with Nasheen. He was a proponent of peace and prosperity as he believed it was preached in the Kitab, and encouraged greater rights for women less state control over citizen's lives. Many hailed him as a prophet, and after his death, a small cult - the Bahayi - disseminated his teachings as those of a prophet, the successor of the Chenjan Prophet. These views were taken by the country's ruling mullah's as heretical, and followers of the cult were subsequently hunted down, imprisoned, sent to the front, or killed outright.

From God's War:

“We don’t all use prayer wheels,” Rhys said, and grimaced. There was nothing worse than a Nasheenian mistaking him for a Chenjan purist instead of an orthodox. At least no one asked if he was a follower of Bahay anymore. The mullahs had wiped out that sect three years before.