Anneke so Sabah

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Weapons specialist, mercenary, bounty hunter. Likes big guns. Has some prison tattoos, and may have spent some time in prison for gunrunning or something less savory.


She was as dark as a Chenjan, and about the size of a twelve-year-old. ... She rolled up the long sleeves of her tunic, showing off the jagged black lines of her prison tattoos, the most prominent of which was a shrieking parrot clutching a bloody heart. ... Anneke was skinny in the hips and flat-chested and could pass for a boy.


She had a stooped way of walking now, something to do with the degeneration of her spine. Genetic, the magicians had told her. Shouldn't have hauled around forty kilos of gear for twenty-five years of mercenary work, either. But what was done was done, and though bone regeneration was possible, eliminating the root cause of her disease was not, and no matter how often Anneke went to get it fixed, her body would just fail again. Anneke's hair was shot through with white now, and her pinched, Chenjan-dark face was the face of an old woman, though she wasn't much older than Nyx. |

. Those who know her suspect she is breeding her own private army.