Songs and Litanies

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The Song of Unmaking: Removes wards, can cut a person off from their satellite.

The Song of One Breath: Used to focus, to keep an omajista from burning themselves out.

Song of the Dead: Used by sinajistas.

Song of Binding: Used to bind another person into one’s service.

Litany of the Palisade: Used by a parajista to construct a shield of air.

Litany of Breath: Used to hold the breath of Para.

Litany of the Spectral Snake: Wraps its target in skeins of air.

Litany of the Chrysalis: Condenses air into a solid bubble.

Litany of Sounding: Defensive parajista litany.

Litany of the Gale: Creates a wall of condensed air.

Song of Sorrow: A healing litany.

Song of the Proud Wall: A defensive litany.

Song of the Cactus: An offensive litany.

Song of the Water Spider: An offensive litany.

Song of the Pearled Wall: A defensive litany.

Litany of Breaking:

Litany of Unbinding: A litany to break a binding trap set by another jista.

Litany of the Balustrade: A defensive parajista litany that forms a wall of air.

Song of Davaar: A litany that creates an intricate net of power.

Song of Souls: A litany used by sinajistas.