Queen Zaynab sa Boliard so Amtullah

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Queen of Nasheen. Daughter of Queen Ayyad sa Boliard so Amtullah, a half-breed Ras Tiegan, who abdicated the throne to her daughter due to "poor health," though it was highly suspected that there was some political intrigue involved.


She barely reached Nyx’s shoulder. She was a plump, matronly figure with a wispy cloud of graying hair. Her face was too young for the hair—she might have been forty. The desert and the suns sucked the youth from most women, but the queen had grown up rich, and the rich—the sort of people on the high council and of the First Families—didn’t get exposed to much sun. They didn’t age as quickly as everybody else, so it was worth her while to keep her hair white. Older women were well respected in Nasheen. If it didn’t show in her face, she’d need to show it somewhere. She was the fucking Queen, after all.


Queen Zaynab was a short, plump woman. Her hair had gone fully white now, a wispy cloud pinned at the base of her skull. Her face was soft and round, and though Nyx saw lines now at the edges of her black eyes and a sagging heaviness to her jowls that had not been there six years before, the Queen still looked far younger than her actual years. She looked the way the women from the First Family houses all looked; women who had lived out their lives for generations behind filters, shielded from the harsh light of the suns and the contagion-saturated winds from the front.