Organic Filter

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A variety of organic filters are employed throughout Umayma as a means of security for both physical and biological threats. Filters are created by magicians, and consist of a tailored skien of carnivorous nits that can be manipulated by magicians to only devour certain types of organic composites - including specific people. More generic types of filters, which are tailored to keep out common contagions, pollutants, and organics, are relatively affordable for people living in magician-rich countries such as Nasheen and Chenja. The more people allowed through a filter, the more expensive it is to create and maintain, as the nits must be programmed to identify each new blood code or other organic composite.

Being organic, the filters are prone to rot and contagion, and must be maintained through twice-yearly checkups in order to ensure efficiency. Though they are very effective at preventing organic threats from breaching an area, they are completely ineffective against non-organic compounds. Many types of bursts are created with sealed non-organic shells that can give the organics inside enough protection to punch through a filter and then explode on the other side. Antiburst Guns are employed to mitigate this potential damage.