Nyxnissa so Dasheem

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Nyxnissa (Nyx) so Dasheem was born in Mushirah. Her mother gave birth to her and her four siblings in one pregnancy at the breeding compounds on the Nasheenian coast.Her sister's name is Kine. Her sister Kine went on to become an organic technician at the coast. Her brothers are Amir al Dasheem, Fouad al Dasheem, and Ghazi al Dasheem. All three boys died at the war front.

Nyx went to war at the same time of her brothers - when she was 16 - and served for two years. She came home from the front with severe burns, and was reconstituted by the Plague Sisters in Faleen. At 18, she was recruited as a mercenary by Raine al Alharazad, and was part of his crew for two years.

She and Raine had a falling out, and at 20, Nyx was recurited by the bel dames. She was raised to a full bel dame at 21 and served until age 24. She had various lovers and partners during this time, including a man named Tej Ferran who was killed walking through a Chenjan filter and a woman named Radeyah so Nafisa. After being discharged for doing black work, Nyx was stripped of her bel dame title and served a year in prison for her crimes.

After leaving prison, Nyx became a bounty hunter and assembled a ragtag crew of mercenaries to help her bring in bounties.


She stood in the near corner of the ring, and she turned as he entered. She was as tall as he was, broad in the shoulders, and heavy in the chest and hips. She wore a breast binding, loose trousers, and sandals. Her hair was jet black, braided, and belled. It hung down her back in one long, knotted tail. She put both hands on the ropes and leaned forward, looking him straight in the face. The boldness of the look stopped him in his tracks. He didn’t know if she wanted to cut him or kiss him.


She was older, thinner, and there was something wrong with her skin. It looked oddly mismatched, and darker than he remembered. Had he aged as much as she had? He saw it in her face the most, but also in the way she moved. A little slower, less swagger. Nyx put her hands on her wide hips. They’d been bigger hips, he remembered. She’d lost a staggering amount of weight.


She had put on a lot of weight since the last time he saw her, so if he didn't know how powerful she was under all that flesh, he might think to call her soft or fat. But it wasn't the sort of fat he saw on rich people. It was the bulk of an aging boxer who had long since stepped out of the ring.