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Country in the southeast of Umayma situated on an large island. The country is bisected by a line of great pillars called The Divide. The eastern half of the island is reserved for women and children up to age 7. At the age of 7, male children cross the Divide to the western half of the country, which is the domain of men.


Mhorians are a tall, generously proportioned people with pale, yellowish complexions, gray and blue eyes, and varying shades of blonde hair. Typically, they wear their hair in matted or tangled dreadlocks strung with beads, feathers from shifter lovers or family members, or small prayer bells. Upon reaching maturity, men are circumcised and annointed with blue tattoos that cover most of their bodies - each design is as unique as the individual.

Aside from a few outlying cults in Ras Tieg, they are the only people to practice circumcision on Umayma.