Khos Khadija

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Mhorian mercenary who emigrated to Nasheen. Also a shifter who can take the form of a dog.


In dog form, Khos was only about as tall as her hip. The dog shook off the dust and started to shed dog hair all over the floor. Watching shifters change generally put Nyx off lunch, so she looked away as Khos shifted. When she looked again, he was wiping mucus off his immense naked body. Khos was a head and shoulders taller than she was, broad in the face and chest, and when he shook his head, the last of the dog hair purled out around him in a cloud, leaving him with a head of thick blond dreadlocks... A fine webbing of spidery blue tattoos—the same color as his eyes—wound around Khos’s pale limbs and torso. Some kind of Mhorian thing. From INFIDEL: He was a big man, and self-conscious of it. He sat with shoulders hunched, head bowed. She had never seen him stand up straight. ...

He was a little heavier now and it showed—especially in the face. He’d cropped his hair, too. No more dreads. The blue tattoos were unmistakable though, as were the eyes, but his face was carved deep like the desert now.


He had grown out his hair again, and it hung in long yellow dreadlocks, knotted at the nape of his neck with an amber cord. He was thick in the shoulders and chest, and tall; her head barely reached his shoulder. The blue tattoos that crisscrossed his body were mostly covered. He wore long dark trousers, boots, and a pale coat that fell to mid-thigh. ...

He opened his coat and revealed a tunic with a long, scooped neck that bared most of his torso. She saw the familiar tattoos there, spidery lines that she had come to learn were Mhorian text.


Khos Khadija is his Nasheenian alias. He was born Keshet Nehemia. Has a half-breed son named Arsham Yaheev with a woman named Batia Yaheev.

After marrying Inaya il Parait, he adopted her illegitimate son Taite (who then took Khos's last name, Khadija) and fathered a second child, Isfahan Khadija.