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A bel dame working out of Mushtallah. Bel dames have been in every generation of her family. She is highly regarded in bel dame circles and has been known as a key player in bel dame politics.


She was tall, skinnier, and darker than Rasheeda, almost Chenjan in color, and stronger in the face and shoulders. She bore a perpetual frown on her long countenance.(pp 37) ...

Fatima was skinny—skinnier than Nyx had ever seen her—and her dark hair was shot through with white; very becoming on a Nasheenian woman.


A familiar figure entered. Her hair was completely white now, tied back from a pinched, hallowed face. The years hadn’t been kind. A long scar marked her from nose to ear on the left side of her face. Whoever had given it to her had taken half the ear as well. She wore loose black trousers and a tight, sleeveless tunic the color of sage. Her hands were fine boned, like her face, but heavily veined and wrinkled. You could always mark a woman’s age by her hands, even among the First Families. ...

She walked with a barely perceptible limp. Nyx figured the right knee had been replaced, maybe a year or two before.

Possible Spoilers ::

God's War

Fatima was one of three women to track down Nyx for doing black work. Fatima was one of those who sent Nyx to prison. She also pursued Nyx into Chenja on suspicion of betraying Nasheen. She tortured Nyx and had her face shot during Nyx's escape.


Fatima became a member of the bel dame council, and represents herself as being on the legitimate side of the divide between its members. She has an office on Bloodmount, where she invites Nyx up to make her a deal. She tells Nyx that if she brings in the rogue members of the bel dame council, she will make Nyx a bel dame again.