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Faith Ahya is regarded as the mother of the newest incarnation of the Dhai nation, founded five hundred years before when she led an uprising of Dhai slaves in Dorinah. With her lover Hahko, she established the Dhai nation in one of the most contaminated areas on the planet, one few other nations would touch. For five hundred years, the descendants of her eldest and most gifted daughters have ruled Dhai as the Dhai Kao, or "First Dhai."

In the Dajian version of the legend, Faith Ahya is betrayed by her lover, killed, and hung from the ramparts of Daorian. She then ascended to the peak of Mount Ahya and was engulfed by the light of Sina. It is said she will return to the world when she is needed.

In a story in ''Fifteenth Century Dhai Romances'', Faith Ahya was a slave from Aaldia. She carried the child of an enslaved Dhai, and was a pitiful and self-serving character.


Her red tunic and skirt glowed, the way Faith Ahya’s vestments were said to glow when she appeared to her people.