Dhai Kao

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Honorific used for the leader of the Dhai people. The title of "Kai" means "First," and was first used in reference to the eldest daughter of former slaves Hahko and Faith Ahya, who are credited with founding the country. The line follows the most gifted in a family, male or female, as chosen by the Oras.

Zhina Ahya Dhai

Ettin Zhina Dhai

Sabal Ettin Garika

Lalhin Sabal Sorai

Tyl Lalhin Garika

Rosai Tyl Osono

Sosarra Rosai Badu

Javia Mia Sorai

Kirana Risilina Garika

Ahkio Javia Garika

Though the Kai is the leader of the Dhai, they so not have absolute rule in the country; they are held accountable to clan leaders, Ora advisors, and the people themselves. The Kai's duties are as a religious and political figure, negotiator of contracts with other countries, and arbitrator of disputes between the clans.