Rhys Dashasa

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Chenjan refugee with some middling talent as a magician.

Is a good shot with a pistol, and has some talent in the boxing ring. Is highly literate, and speaks several languages, including Chenjan, Nasheenian, Tirhani, Mhorian, and Ras Tiegan, allowing him to work as a translator.

SPOILERS - events of God's War:::

Real name is Rakhshan Arjoomand. Also known as Rhys Shahkam. His family is of some notoriety in Chenja, and he is known for having experience socializing with political families, high-ranking mullahs, and other "court" officials. Was raised in a typical wealthy Chenjan household run by a single father, with many mothers or "aunts." When he was asked to serve at the war front, he fled his family, and was returned. His sister, Alys, helped him escape across the border into Nasheen.


Rhys’s praying died off, and he walked in, buttoned down as ever, though the attic was stifling. He’d cut his hair again, shaved himself nearly bald. ...

Rhys, as usual, was wearing too many clothes for the occasion. He had picked up a green turban sometime after they arrived in Dadfar, and that—paired with his long trousers, long tunic, and green burnous—made him look like some local man of importance. He kept everything too clean. And he was too pretty. ...

So close, he smelled of blood and sweat and something even more intimate. Perhaps it was fear she smelled, or the biting chemical odor of a magician. But it was something uniquely Rhys.